API Features

Sun Awareness. Redefined.

Who said Devs are not heroes? Empower your app with indispensable Sun Safety details and fight over Skin Cancer as never before.

Real-Time UV Index

Real-time Ultraviolet Radiation Index evaluation based on publications of The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) of New Zealand and near-real-time Ozone datasets from OMI, AURA Satellite, NASA.

Hourly UV Index Forecast

Get UV Index Forecast for any date and at any location. Correct clear sky UV Index using clouds absorption and area reflection factors. Recommend ideal protection time to your users based on their skin type. Check our Knowledge Base for more app ideas and start making difference today!

Crafted for Developers

Just 3 minutes time to your first "Hello API". No POST endpoints. CORS supported. Sign in into Dev Console and start test API today. Need more than 50 daily requests? Check our Extended Plan for just $15 USD/month. Payments and billing processed by Stripe.

Simple Offer

Smart Homes, Personal & Free

Start tinkering around with no time and build your own personal Sun Safety solutions: smart home integrations, chat bots or actions for Google Assistance, Alexa or Siri. No Credit Card required. Check our Code Samples Gallery for more inspiration today!


50 Reqs per Day

Indie Hackers & Start-Ups

Is your app ready for App Store/Google Play deploy or getting healthy traction? Awesome! Make your user success even stronger with real-time Sun Safety details & recommendations and outrank your competitors with unique and overlooked functionality! Make up to 15'000 requests daily for the fixed price!

$15 USD/ month

Up to 15k Reqs per Day

Unicorns & Enterprise

Have thousands of DAU and already planning an IPO? We do have something to offer. (Optional) dedicated API instance, customisation, 24/7 support, and love. Contact Us today to get in touch regarding the unique sun safety solution for your business.

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