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Articles about Sun Safety, Skin Care and Tech delivered by OpenUV team.

Top UV Index APIs in 2018. Analysis and Comparison.


According ProgrammableWeb there are 256 Weather APIs listed in the Weather category at the beginning of 2018. With so many Weather APIs available for developers choosing one reliable UV Index data service provider is still a ridiculously painful problem.

Places to market your API for free


If you are looking where to promote your API for free check that list of resource to place your API link and increase your API discoverability. Hard-battled on our own experience with OpenUV API.

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How much Vitamin D is enough?


Vitamin D was considered a nutrient of concern when people learned that being in the sun, as well as eating foods high in Vitamin D, prevented a condition known as Rickets.

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The History of Sunscreen


Sunburns can have some pretty harmful effects on the body in both the short as well as the long term. However, how did sunscreen come about?

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Why You Should Be Sun Smart When Working Outdoors


For the vast majority of people in the US, overexposure to sunlight is not an issue. Many Americans even have an issue when it comes to Vitamin D deficiency. However, for many people who work outdoors, or otherwise stay outside often, they may be doing much more to their body than just tanning.

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How Getting Sunburn Helped me to Start a Side Project


Skin cancer cases are on rising. Yes, we use sunscreen, we wear hats and trying to avoid sunlight at midday but it still takes lives of 2/3 Australians and 1/5 Americans every year. What are we doing wrong?

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