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OpenUV Knowledge Base

Collection of useful tips about Sun Safety and Ultraviolet Radiation Index for Developers

Apps Ideas for Hackatons and Sun Safety Integration

IPhone, Android Apps

  • Weather Apps with real-time UV Index report and Forecast

  • Running, Cycling, Fitness Apps.

    Best Sun Safety time recommendations.

  • Travel Apps, Sun Safety advices

  • Vitamin D tracking Apps

  • Sunscreen Companion apps for Sunscreen Producers

Apple Watch, Android Wear, Fitbit Ionic, Samsung Gear

  • One screen, one button Smart Sunscreen Reminder App

  • UV Index Forecast extension/complication for Watch Screen

AI Assistants (Siri/Alexa/Google Assistant)

  • UV Index Forecast, Sun Safety Report Actions

    Hey Siri, Ok Google! What is the UV Index right now? What time will I need to apply a sunscreen today? When is the best time to cycle/run?

Chatbots (Tweeter, Slack, Telegram)

  • Weather, UV Index Forecast Bots

Weather Widgets for Wordpress, Web Blogs. Browser Extensions.

  • Sun Safety Widget for Travel blog

  • Chrome UV Index extension

Smart Home Devices

  • Automatically folded/unfolded Sun Protection Umbrellas, Gazebos